Honors Journal Fall 2011

The papers in the Honors Journal reflect the research and writing efforts of undergraduate students at the time the papers were submitted to the journal. Web links within the papers were active at the time of publication, but they are not updated.

Table of Contents
2011 Honors Summer Research Papers

Katie Bitting, Class of 2013

The Synthesis of  2-(p-carbomethoxybenzylidene)-5-methyl-3(2H)-furanone:  An Inotilone Derivative

Morgan Franke, Class of 2013

The Impact of Light and Nutrients on Dimorphism in the Plant Species Thalictrum pubescens

Caitlin Jones, Class of 2012

The Use of Engineering Technology in the Determination of Historic Brickwork ,Tusculum Institute

Holley Ledbetter, Class of 2012

Gender and Dual Patronage: The Example of Ferdinand I and Sancha in León

Sarah Lindemann, Class of 2013

The Legacy of Historic Mill Dams at Three Sites in Amherst County, Virginia

Katherine Macklin, Class of 2013

Effectiveness of Best Management Practices on Cattle Farms in Central Amherst County

Jodie Stevenson, Class of 2013

Factors Affecting the Overall Mental Well-Being and Retention of Sweet Briar Students

Jennifer Will, Class of 2013

Corrupted States: Tyranny in Plato and Thucydides