Honors Journal Fall 2012

The papers in the Honors Journal reflect the research, writing and creative efforts of undergraduate students at the time the work was submitted to the journal. Web links within the works were active at the time of publication.

Table of Contents
2012 Honors Summer Research Papers

Spencer Beall, Class of 2014
Painting With Words: Writers' Transpositions of Masterpieces into Art

CJ Campbell, Class of 2013
Gender Instability and the Monstrosity of the Independent S/He

Lydia Ethridge, Class of 2015
His Eminence: Cardinal Richelieu and Religious Struggle in France

Xiaotong (Phoebe) Jiang, Class of 2014
Applications of Catalan Numbers

A Joo Kim, Class of 2013
Analysis on the Reunification Experiences of Germany, Vietnam, and Yemen

Hannah Male, Class of 2013
Sweet Briar College: Behind the Times?

Caitlin Playle
Nessie: Stories of the Scottish Highlands from the Vita Columbae

Ellen Reid, Class of 2012
The Medium of Resonance, Space and Structure: Research Through a Site-Specific Installation

Rachael Stein, Class of 2013
Education Quality and Economic Development: How the Numbers Stack Up