Honors Journal Fall 2013

The papers in the Honors Journal reflect the research, writing and creative efforts of undergraduate students at the time the work was submitted to the journal. Web links within the works were active at the time of publication.

2013 Honors Summer Research Papers
Table of Contents

Ashley Baker, Class of 2015
Artificial Photosynthesis: A Study of Novel Copper Catalysts

Kaitlyn Cartwright, Class of 2014

Synthesis of Novel Phenanthroline and 3(2H) Furanone Ligands

Rebecca Dalley, Class of 2104
Evidence for Low Genetic Variation in Interrupted Fern and Implications for Clonal Growth

Moriah Donaldson, Class of 2015

Phantom Limb Pain: A Different Approach to Treating a Common Problem

Anna Donko, Class of 2014
La Realidad Absurda Manifestada por Humor en el Teatro Vanguardista de Virgilio PiƱera

Katlyn Fleming, Class of 2014

Synthesis of Phenanthroline Derivatives for Anticancer Studies

Dolores Gallagher, Class of 2015

The Stages of Womanhood in Ancient Greece and Their Effect on Healing

Jennifer Gray, Class of 2013
Sparring with Stereotypes: Demystifying Women and Power in Antiquity

Amy Kvien, Class of 2015
Bank Branching Trends in Urban Areas Before and After the Great Recession

Fumin Li, Class of 2015
3D Visualization of Sweet Briar House

Lilian Tauber, Class of 2014
American Values vs. Foreign Policy Interests in Egypt