HPSC Candidates January 2014

Eleven students from the Class of 2017 and eight students from the class of 2015 have been nominated to serve on the Honors Program Student Council for the term January-December 2014.

jpeg_photoHannah Beall ’17
I am from Ashburn, Virginia. I was introduced to Sweet Briar through my sister Spencer, a soon- to-be Sweet Briar alumna! I am studying French, and I have a passion for history and English as well. I am a part of the French and Sweet Dancers clubs on campus and I work in Academic Computing with the technology department. I have really loved my time in the Honors Program thus far as it has opened me to multiple opportunities already. I was able to speak with some of our alumnae and the board of directors to share with them all the exciting classes, events and projects the first-year honors students have been exposed to, such as meeting Dr. Tererai Trent and working with the international microloan organization Kiva. I would really love to be a part of the Honors Program Student Council to get more involved with the department and the professors. I would also like to use this as an opportunity to introduce Toastmasters to the Honors Program. Toastmasters is a timed pubic speaking workshop that is aimed to improve communicative and leadership skills. Public speaking plays a huge role in a Sweet Briar Honors student’s career. The oratory skills that students learn prepare them to present their research at the MARCUS Conference, to introduce lecturers at honors colloquia, and especially to deliver strong thesis defenses at the end of their senior year, remaining with them for years to come.

jpeg_photoKate Borgemenke ’17
I was born and raised in Dublin, Ohio. I found Sweet Briar through the riding program and absolutely fell in love with the campus and the amazing things Sweet Briar women have been able to accomplish. I am currently planning on majoring in creative writing, getting a minor in journalism, new media and communications, and obtaining both the equine and leadership certificates from Sweet Briar, as well as graduating with an honors degree.
I must start by saying that I think our upperclassmen representatives have done a fabulous job creating a sense of community within the Honors Program. The communal projects, colloquiums and events have been so well done; I can only hope to continue that legacy for the program. Personally, I would like to institute some more volunteer projects in the local community to bring our Honors Program women together. I feel that working together toward a common goal is something that allows everyone to gain a sense of camaraderie, especially if that goal is for the improvement of the campus or surrounding areas. I also like the idea of one meeting per semester that includes the available faculty and students of the Honors Program to review the various inquiries, seminars and variants taken over the course of that semester. That would be a helpful opportunity for giving more feedback and improving the program courses, as well as for honors students to collaborate and express their ideas.

jpeg_photoMarcelle Coronel ’17
Marcelle Anne Marie Coronel is a first-year, pre-med student at Sweet Briar College. She hopes to double major in chemistry and studio art. She also plans to minor in psychology. Growing up in a small, suburban town called Richardson, TX, she always relished the idea of impacting the lives of others: whether through her actions or through her artwork. Her dream to become a psychiatrist is as strong as her love toward the visual arts. Thus, she hopes to draw light into the lives of future generations by pursuing a medical degree in psychiatry. Marcelle continues to lead and join in community services both in and outside the College campus. When she is not busy with academics, art or work, she enjoys horseback riding and volunteering. In addition to fundraising at her job as a Phonathon caller, she either helps create and develop community service options for student government or interact with the Special Olympics players. “As an artist, I believe creativity is one of my assets. I believe art is a tool to bring people together. Therefore, I hope to provide both collaboration and creativity into the Honors Program Student Council. Acts of kindness, acts of renewal, and acts of art are all ways the Honors Program Student Council can help in and outside the College campus. Whether the requests are to restore something old, or to make something old more modern with art, one collaboration project should be chosen and held once a semester. Another idea I have visualized is a culture week. Each day of one week, one to two continents can be represented. A large outline of the world may be set at a location on campus where any student can color or paint on it. All in all, my goals for Honors Student Council include the incorporation of collaboration and creativity. Not only am I an artist, but I am also a leader. A good leader understands teamwork, uses time management and keeps an open mind. I believe in spreading joy into other peoples’ lives; each day, I strive to make at least one person smile. Moreover, I would love to contribute my art, compassion, leadership and patience to Sweet Briar’s Honors Program Student Council.

jpeg_photoMorgan Howard
My name is Morgan Howard and I am a freshman at Sweet Briar. My hometown throughout high school was Warren, a small town in northern Minnesota. I lived on a farm with my parents, brother and two sisters, as well as our many animals. I currently intend to major in anthropology and international affairs. Some of my interests include playing piano, horseback riding, quilting, hiking and raising puppies. As a member of the Honors Program Student Council, I would bring more interest to the honors colloquia so members of the campus community would benefit from the great speakers in a fun environment. I would also make further opportunities for honors students to come together in other environments besides class.

jpeg_photoKiley Jolicoeur
My name is Kiley Jolicoeur; I'm from Lovell, Maine. I attended Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine, where one of my favorite activities was Student Council. I also worked on the Library Council, participated in committees for our chapter of the National Honor Society, and was part of a group which helped keep the wind ensemble and competitive jazz programs running smoothly throughout the year. I enjoy addressing and fixing issues that arise, as well as being a part of groups that share these same interests. I think I’d be a good representative for our class not only because of my prior experience with different types of student councils, but also because the Honors Program was one of the main reasons I chose to attend Sweet Briar. The other deciding factors in my decision were the sense of tradition and, most of all, community that can be found on our campus. These set us apart from other colleges, and the Honors Program Student Council is a large part of maintaining our community. That is something I would very much like to be a part of, and something to which I feel I could actively and beneficially contribute.

jpeg_photoBrea Marshall
My name is Brea Michele Marshall, and I am a native of Lynchburg, Virginia. I grew up in White Rock Hill in Lynchburg with my loving parents Deborah and Michael Marshall. I chose Sweet Briar College because of the beautiful campus, and I heard only good comments about Sweet Briar. Sweet Briar interested me because of its close-knit idea of womanhood and support. To me, Sweet Briar seemed very artsy, and I loved it. I believe that the community is a major priority. I would focus on more community projects and events that would allow a direct influence on the community. My views are family-oriented. I want the students to make a difference in the community on a social level. I am goal-oriented. I am determined to do anything I set my mind to. I stand up for fairness. I don't want anyone to feel lonely or left out. As a Sweet Briars Honors Student Council representative, I will try to show the students how much change they can make in someone’s life.

jpeg_photoScotia Marshall
Hello, my name is Scotia Marshall. I am from Hillsville, a small town in the southwestern part of Virginia. I really love learning in general; even in second grade I quickly became obsessed with ancient Egypt and the mummification process. This yearning for knowledge of the past through observation of the things that people have left behind has been widened over my school years to include almost all other fields one could possibly think of. Currently I’m taking a biology class simply because I missed taking science class. I’ve already filled all science and math credits. I really do not know what I want to major and/or minor in because of my interest. What is a person to do when they love fields that are as divergent as science and theatre? Right now I like studying the history of art. If I do continue with that then I would like to focus on ancient architecture. In my non-existent spare time I would like to become a member of the film club and the Harry Potter club. After I get my workload under control and settled into my classes I want to have a campus job, one in the museum or Pannell is the goal. Despite my indecisiveness in majors, I know absolutely one thing; I will be pursuing a career that I have a burning passion for. As for bringing the Honors Program and its participants together, I suggest that we have a movie night or a night where we show a TV series. For me and my friends, all we ever talk about is Doctor Who and Sherlock. We bond over this and these shows create inside jokes that we can feel connected over. I also suggest a game night where we can play board games like Life, Operation, or Apples to Apples. If elected, we could also do a video game night. We could also pair up with a tap club like BAM and do a community service program for the area. Thank you for your time.

jpeg_photoDorie Parry ’17
My name is Dorie Parry. I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, and graduated from St. Stephens and St. Agnes School. In high school, I was active in the school’s chapter of the Model Organization for American States and attended the national conference three times. I was a member of several other non-academic clubs at my high school. I also was active in the engineering club. I am a freshman in SBC’s engineering program, and I know that I made the right choice for college. Being a Sweet Briar student challenges me to do my best academically and provides the opportunity to learn from great professors. And, last but not least, I treasure the friendships I have already made at SBC. Now, I think of Sweet Briar as my home. I am honored to be nominated for a position on the Honors Program Student Council. I believe that developing a sense of community among the students in the Honors Program is very important. A sense of community helps students feel that SBC is their home, strengthens friendships, and enables students to support one another. I am a very social, easy to talk to, and caring student who seeks to give my fellow honors students, especially the freshmen students, a voice. I live on an honors hall filled with opinionated, ambitious and driven women. This gives me direct contact with a fraction of the people whom I wish to represent. If elected, I pledge to enhance the Honors Program and promote its values. I already have a few ideas to help increase the preexisting bond between students. I would be happy and eager to support any ideas that would assist me in accomplishing this goal. One of my ideas is to organize a game night. This game night would feature games and activities that receive the most votes by students. At the beginning of this school year, I heard a notable speaker talk about her wish to bring education to women in her village and how she accomplished it. Her persistent drive and enthusiasm inspired me and gave me a new perspective. I hope to bring notable speakers to campus. I will devote time and energy to further enrich and embolden the entire Sweet Briar community regardless of whether I am elected or not.

jpeg_photoRebecca Salustri ’17
My name is Rebecca Salustri and I am from Columbia, Connecticut. I am excited to accept my nomination for the Honors Program Student Council! During my senior year of high school, I served as a Connecticut State Board of Education member. My role on the board of education was to represent all students in my state in educational issues. I feel that my experiences as a student and a student board member have qualified me to be a member of the HPSC because I know how to relate to students on all levels of the academic spectrum. I encountered learning challenges as a child; however, I was able to overcome these to be at the top of my high school class and a member of the Honors Program at SBC. Here at Sweet Briar I serve on the Judicial Committee and take a diverse array of courses. I am also a StAR (Student Activities Representative), where I work with a team to put on events for the student body, including the Frozen Friendzy and the upcoming Winter Mixer. Additionally, I work at career services in the internship department and as a Phonathon caller. My favorite activity is working out to Insanity with my friends in the morning. I also enjoy ballroom dancing, running and painting. I believe I am a good candidate for the Honors Program Student Council because I am understanding and have a working knowledge of events around campus. If elected to this position, I would work hard to improve the Honors Program on two fronts: academic and social. Academically, I think the program should offer courses in a more diverse range of subjects and at different time intervals. I believe more honors courses should be offered in the sciences and mathematics. Socially, to be honest I do feel a sense of community within the Honors Program, even on the Honors Hall. I believe the Honors Program should hold more community events. I would love to help plan these! I also think the Honors Program should hold some workshops targeted toward improving resumes and finding internships. Although these events exist elsewhere on campus, I think it is pertinent that more honors students participate to improve their professional network and skillset. Thank you for your consideration! Most of all, if elected, I would work hard to represent students from all parts of the Honors Program on this council, particularly the Class of 2017.

jpeg_photoJessie Schuster ’17
I was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but moved to Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, at 4 years old. I went through the Camp Hill School District participating in every musical ensemble, the musical theater productions and also played varsity softball. I excelled academically, graduating with honors and participating in the National Honors Society. At Sweet Briar College, my academic interests include a double major in history and music. I am also working towards my Leadership Certificate with LCP. I plan to work towards my law degree after college. Outside of academics I am on the softball team, I participate in Sweet Dancers, and my fall semester I played trombone in the orchestra and sang in Chamber Singers. I love hiking with the Outdoor Program. I am putting my name out there because I love Sweet Briar; I was adamant to come here because its a women’s college, the closeness with the professors, the beautiful campus (of course) and the friendships I saw all around me as I visited. When Sweet Briar reached out to me about the Honors Program, I was apprehensive at firs— would the classes be too much? Would I get along with the girls? Would there be too much expected of me? I’m thankful that the Sweet Briar Honors Program reached out to me. And I hope to be active in helping to talk to other young women who are right for the program into trying it out freshman year. I’m also thankful I got the opportunity to live on my Honors Hall with the other lovely honors freshmen, but I want to get to know everybody so I hope to help plan many social events to facilitate that, such as pop-in meet and greets, with popcorn and movies. I would be happy to plan Honors Program activities so other girls can have the same great experiences I’m blessed with, such as coffee/hot chocolate study sessions or a bring a pillow, a book and a friend quiet study session in the library. Finally, being the bright young women we are, we should share that with the community and the world through service projects, such as tutoring or volunteering, in which we learn more about ourselves and the world beyond our beautiful pink bubble. 

jpeg_photoKaty Wilkins ’17
Hello! My name is Katherine (Katy) Wilkins, and I’m from Mount Sterling, Kentucky, the great Bluegrass State. I’m a member of the Class of 2017 at Sweet Briar planning to pursue English and creative writing with a minor in history. I’m excited to be involved in so many of the activities that Sweet Briar has to offer, including GLOW, Young Democrats and hopefully the literary magazine Red Clay. I was also involved with the y:1 Program in my first semester, as well as completing my honors inquiry course with Dr. Alexander. I’m very passionate about the Honors Program, and about the prospects of a Sweet Briar education for young women like us. I’m so enthusiastic about learning, and I hope to be able to enrich the experiences of every woman involved in the Honors Program here at Sweet Briar if I’m elected to join the student council. I have so many ideas to offer to the Honors Program. I would love to see a social this spring to recognize the recipients of the Pannell Scholarships from the Class of 2016, as well as also recognizing recipients from past years. I believe a social like this could benefit our class’s understanding of the program and would help to inspire first-years to craft successful projects after having the chance to speak with other women who have already completed theirs. I definitely think that more charitable endeavors like the Kiva lending project would benefit the Sweet Briar honors community as well. I feel that I’m definitely qualified to be a member of the Honors Program Student Council. I have ample organizational skills, drive to succeed and passion for the program. I would love the chance to step up and lead. As a member of the HPSC, I would also be very open to the ideas of my fellow women. The Honors Program is only great because there are so many intelligent minds that bring it to life. I hope that you will allow me to be one of those minds and will elect me to be a member of Sweet Briar’s Honors Program Student Council. Thank you!

jpeg_photoTaylor Daigneault ’15
My name it Taylor Daigneault. I’m a junior classics major and chemistry minor. After I graduate from Sweet Briar, I plan on attending vet school either in New York or Alabama. I was raised in Syracuse, New York, but I now live in Irmo, South Carolina, with my parents and two sisters. When I’m not doing schoolwork, I am always riding horses and working on my trainer’s farm. On the weekends, I travel to New Jersey to ride with my trainer, and we travel and show up and down the east coast. Eventually, after I graduate vet school, I will run my own farm and keep training and riding horses. I think I would make a good addition to the council because through my sport I have learned to be disciplined and dedicated. I also understand the importance of balance and efficiency and I apply these principles to everything in my life.

jpeg_photoEmily Diamond
I am a 20-year-old junior from Arlington, Virginia. I am a biology major and a chemistry minor, and I plan on going to graduate school in microbiology. As a member of the HPSC, my main goal will be to add accessibility and flexibility to the Honors Program in order to increase student participation. Therefore, I will encourage the honors department to add a wider variety of interdisciplinary honors courses and to consider different time slots for the courses so that they are less likely to interfere with labs or other student commitments. I will also try to address any concerns or suggestions that other students in the Class of 2015 may have regarding the Honors Program, and I will make sure that their voices will be heard.

jpeg_photoJessica Fortner
My name is Jessica Fortner and I am part of the Class of 2015. I grew up in Roanoke, Virginia, and enjoy the Virginia mountains. I am a part-time instructor and office manager of the Outdoor Program, I love the outdoors and take great joy in introducing it to others. I also work in the chaplain’s office as a Sweet Spirit and in the admission office as a docent. This past semester I became a proud member of Tau Phi. When I am not doing my homework or working, you can find me around campus running or working out in the gym. I am currently training for the Lynchburg Angel Triathlon. I am a hard-working student who plans to earn a double major in classical studies and mathematics with a minor in music. My honors degree is very important to me because I believe in being the best that I can be. It would be an honor to represent the Class of 2015 and help the Honors Program host events that truly bring the students of the program together, whether as a good study break or a social activity, I would love to be a part of the planning.


jpeg_photoDJ Gallagher ’15
Class: Junior, Class of 2015 Major: Classics, Leadership Certificate Program Co-Curriculars: Chamber Orchestra, Riding Program, docent, OP instructor, Latin tutor, Falls on Nose, Tau Phi. During my college search, I looked at several colleges’ honors programs. At many of them, the honors program was just harder classes or smaller sections of classes. But at Sweet Briar, it’s definitely a complete program. I have been able to take advantage of the full breadth of the Honors Program by participating in Honors Summer Research last year and am planning on starting my Senior Honors Thesis this semester. I would like to be a representative for the Honors Program Student Council and continue that legacy by working with the other council members and faculty to help organize honors colloquia and bring really special speakers to Sweet Briar that the whole school would want to come and see. This will help foster the sense of community and make the Honors Program an exciting part of the school.

jpeg_photoAriel Harper
My name is Ariel Harper and I am a junior here at SBC majoring in business and economics. I grew up in the small town of Staunton, Virginia, and have lived in the area all of my life. I grew up loving the outdoors and played just about every sport under the sun until I became obsessed with horseback riding. I began riding at 7 years old and have participated in the IHSA team here on campus. Some of my favorite things include riding, driving through the countryside, and I have become quite a movie watching fanatic in the last couple of years. Last semester I had the wonderful experience of studying abroad in England at the University of Reading, but am very excited to be back here at SBC! I think I would make a good representative for my class because I love to think in new and different ways and love to plan events. I believe that the Honors Program is about more than academic achievement, but about changing our entire Sweet Briar experience for the better!

jpeg_photoJennifer Mix
My name is Jenny Mix and I’m from Truckee, California, which isn’t the part of the California you normally think of. We often have snow banks up over my head, and temperatures in the 30s in August aren’t uncommon. I am an English and creative writing major and am also pursuing my Equine Training Certificate with a concentration in teaching and schooling. Outside of the classroom I spend my free time at the barn and am a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, Falls on Nose and Riding Council. I am interested in becoming a member of the Honors Program Student Council because throughout my time at Sweet Briar, the honors classes I have taken covered some of the most interesting topics I have ever been exposed to. The classroom setting in an honors class is alive and vibrant, filled with students who are engaged and excited to learn. I think the program needs to encourage more camaraderie among the students and I think we could start by having an informal get-together with the newly elected student council officers. I think a good place to host this event could be in the library because with the weather being so cold, many people don’t want to walk down to the Honors Center. Being Sweet Briar students, food is always a huge incentive to encourage attendance. After taking The Uncanny honors class this past fall and learning so much about film, I think it would be nice to do some movie screenings with movies that were up for awards recently. We should also include a study/snack break during midterms in addition to the one during finals. This way, students who are studying hard during the midterm period are also rewarded for their efforts.

jpeg_photoRosalie Purvis
Rosalie Purvis is a junior at Sweet Briar College majoring in engineering with a minor in math. She had a summer 2013 internship with Edison2, a Very Light Car company, and continues to work for them. She competed in modern pentathlon at the international level. After graduation, she plans to go to graduate school and then become a practicing engineer in the automotive industry. In her free time she participates in the SBC theater and has had roles in SBC Theater’s “Richard III” and the senior showing of “The Odd Couple.” She says, “I am academically focused, and motivated. I wish to see my classmates succeed academically and beyond college. My goals with this position are to help bring honors students together and promote the Honors Program to the rest of campus.

jpeg_photoKasey Stewart ’15

Kasey Stewart is a Spanish major in her junior year at Sweet Briar College. She is also pursuing minors in chemistry, Latin American studies and art history. Her co-curricular activities include: SGA, AAC and Sweet Peas. She works as a tutor in the Academic Resource Center and as a resident advisor for CCL. Adding the HPSC to her list of activities would mean a lot for her college career because the Honors Program has been integrated into her academic record since her freshman year. Her goals for the HPSC would be to encourage the honors students to incorporate the concepts of the program in their classes as well as in the co-curricular aspects of their life. The Honors Program teaches many great concepts, and through hosting events with her fellow HPSC members that promote these concepts, she will help the honors students incorporate the program into their co-curricular life. With her experience hosting events as a resident advisor, she feels that she would be a great addition to the HPSC.