Student Council

The Honors Program Student Council at Sweet Briar College provides an opportunity for outstanding students to become actively involved in the Honors Program. The student council represents the interests of all honors students and serves as a liaison between the honors students and the Honors Program administration.

Since the re-opening of the College last year, the Honors Program Student Council has worked hard to re-connect the community of Honors students and to introduce our newest Honors students to the many opportunities available to them.

The current members of the Honors Program Student Council are

Hannah Beall and Jessie Schuster (HPSC Chair), Class of 2017

Paige Chamblin and Claire Zak, Class of 2018

Shelby Benny and Madeline Widjaja, Class of 2019

The mission of the Honors Program Student Council is to instill a strong sense of community within the Honors Program through activities and programs that are designed to bring together students from all backgrounds and interests, to encourage friendship and camaraderie, and to cultivate a community attitude that supports students’ academic endeavors and risks. The student council is comprised of honors students who work with honors faculty and administrators to plan Honors Program activities and events, to coordinate academic, social and service functions, and to promote the values of the Honors Program.

Membership on the student council is limited to two elected representatives of each class, and one additional member who will serve as Chair of the Council. Student council members will have completed the First Year Honors Inquiry course (HNRS 1XX) and/or have completed or be currently enrolled in an honors seminar. In the fall semester, the faculty will be polled and asked to nominate students to run as class representatives on the student council; in addition, students may self-nominate. Elections will be held in January using anonymous, electronic portfolios and online voting. All Sweet Briar students and faculty will be invited to participate in the voting process.

Students who are elected to the Honors Program Student Council will normally serve a two-semester term, from January of the election year through December of the same calendar year (except for the senior representatives who will cease duties at graduation). The elections will be established and staggered so that only half of the membership turns over in any given year. Prior to the general election of class representatives, a chair will be elected by the existing council members. The chair must have served at least one full term as an elected class representative prior to assuming the chair and will serve for a one-year term. The newly elected chair will preside over the election of class representatives. The student council will meet regularly throughout the fall and spring semesters. The chair will meet frequently with the Director of the Honors Program, the Chair of the Honors Committee, and/or the Honors Program Associate Administrator. The entire council will meet formally not less than once per year with the Honors Committee.

Responsibilities of Honors Program Student Council members include:

  1. Acting as a liaison to the Honors Committee
  2. Discussing student concerns involving the Honors Program
  3. Proposing new Honors Program initiatives (such as an annual essay contest related to the selected theme; “Honors Recommends” reading list; and designated housing for honors students)
  4. Helping generate ideas for seminar topics and encouraging professors to teach Honors seminars
  5. Organizing academic and social events of interest to honors students; coordinating with other recognized campus Honors societies to plan events that enrich the intellectual life of the entire campus community
  6. Creating continuity in student leadership within the program
  7. Helping to establish program identity and community among honors students
  8. Providing leadership opportunities and training for honors students
  9. Serving as role models for incoming honors students
  10. Representing the Honors Program at public events or gatherings that require an honors student presence such as the MARCUS Conference and Admissions events