Summer Research Program

Each year, the Honors Program awards fellowships to a select group of Sweet Briar students to support them in conducting independent research projects under the supervision of a faculty member. The Honors Summer Research Program is an eight-week, on-campus program that brings together students and faculty from all disciplines. The program creates a unique academic experience for the participants by providing the opportunity for intensely focused research, a one-on-one working relationship with a faculty mentor, or mentors, and weekly meetings and presentations by both faculty and students highlighting their ongoing research as well as research methodologies across the academic disciplines. Students are paid for the fellowship and faculty sponsors receive a stipend.

Students interested in applying to the program should have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and should have completed at least one 200-level course relevant to the project; however, all interested students are encouraged to submit proposals.

To see a listing of projects from previous years go to the previous research projects page.

The dates for the 2016 Honors Summer Research Program are May 23 - July 15, 2016.

The preliminary “Intent to Apply” form will be due Monday, February 22, 2016.

Watch for email announcements with additional program information.

The full proposal will be due after spring break (Monday, March 21, 2016) and must be submitted by email to Julie Hemstreet ([email protected]) in the Honors Program.

The full proposal includes the following:

1.) A title page with your name, project title and the name/s of faculty sponsor/s.

2.) A description of the proposed project that explains the goal/s of the project, your research or creative methodology, and how this research or creative opportunity fits into your overall academic plan (2-3 pages)

3.) A research bibliography

4.) A project timeline covering the eight week endeavor

5.) Two faculty recommendations, including one from the project sponsor (to be submitted separately by each faculty recommender and emailed directly to [email protected])

NEW ITEM: If the proposed project will require the purchase of materials and supplies over $100, please include an itemized budget of all additional expenses (over and above the normal $100 research allowance).

If a student plans to have two faculty sponsors, both faculty sponsors must write a letter of support. Their respective letters should include mention of their role and responsibilities during the eight-week session, and how the co-sponsorship will be shared or divided. The student also should address the role of each faculty sponsor in her proposal.


Questions about the program may be directed to:
Professor Tony Lilly, [email protected]
Julie Hemstreet, [email protected]