Campus Student Employment

The Sweet Briar College campus student employment office is part of the human resources department. We are committed to the philosophy that students' campus employment can be relevant to their future career goals. Campus student employment assists students in finding campus jobs that relate to their interests and areas of study.

How do I apply for jobs on campus?

If you see a position you are interested in, please contact the hiring manager listed on the job description. CSE does not make hiring decisions for other departments. If you are selected for a position, the hiring manager will then submit an Intent to Hire form to the CSE office for processing. If you are a new hire, there is additional paperwork you will need to submit to the CSE office before starting work.

Be prepared for potential interviews with the hiring manager(s). Have an updated résumé, reference list, and your course schedules ready for the hiring manager to review. You must also complete a Sweet Briar Campus Student Employment Application (first-time work study student or returning work study student) before you can be hired!

Open Campus Student Employment Positions

If no positions show currently, continue to check back on a regular basis. We will be updating the open positions page as jobs become available closer to the start of the fall semester!

Campus Student Employment Handbook

Make sure you have read through the Campus Student Employment Handbook in its entirety. You are responsible for knowing and adhering to all guidelines contained within the handbook. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding information contained in the handbook, please contact the CSE office.

Payroll Deadlines

Students and supervisors are responsible for ensuring the student's time is entered and accurate in web time entry by all posted payroll deadlines. CSE recommends that supervisors print the deadlines and post in a high traffic area in the office where students will be working, as well as email students reminders prior to the deadlines. Another helpful tip is to set cell phone alarms or calendar reminders for each student and supervisor deadline!


Web Time Entry (WTE)

Are you new to web time entry?

  • Students: Click here for an overview regarding entering hours in WTE as a student.
  • Supervisors: Click here for an overview regarding approving and submitting hours as a supervisor.

Interested in setting up direct deposit?

  • Click here for the Sweet Briar Direct Deposit Authorization form.
  • Once you have filled out the form, attach a voided check or deposit slip to the authorization form and return it to the CSE office. If you do not have a check or deposit slip, you should contact your bank to obtain a signed document from a bank representative that includes your full account number and routing number.


You are required to submit an Intent to Hire form for every student worker in your department once they are hired and before they begin working. Make sure the form is filled out completely, and that both you and the student sign the form.

Please ensure you clearly identify on the form who will serve as the student's web time entry approver. The approver is responsible for approving and submitting to payroll all hours worked for the student in that pay period. Failure to approve and submit time by the posted deadlines will result in delayed payment to the student.

There is additional new-hire paperwork that all students are required to complete and submit to the CSE office prior to beginning work in your department. Once a student is hired and the Intent to Hire form has been submitted, the student should immediately schedule time with the CSE office to complete any additional required paperwork.

To post a new position once you have budget approval, you will complete a job description for the role and email it to Ashley Dugger at [email protected]. The position will be posted on the CSE website under "Open Campus Student Employment Positions" and students will contact the hiring manager directly to apply.

New-hire Forms

Students are required to submit new-hire forms and supporting documentation prior to beginning work. Incomplete forms may delay the start of student employment. Students who need assistance completing paperwork should contact the CSE office!

For more information regarding campus student employment, please contact Ashley Dugger at [email protected].