ROSE Awards


The Sweet Briar ROSE Awards are intended to be given annually to staff employees who demonstrate excellence on the job, including:

  • excellence in service (service to others, including internal or external customers, alumnae, or visitors)
  • excellence as a team member  (exhibiting teamwork and cooperation, both in his/her own department and with others)
  • innovation (making/implementing a suggestion that results in cost savings, efficiency gains, improved customer service, an enhanced learning environment, or improvements in external/internal relations)
  • exceeding expectations (going above and beyond in dedication, results and commitment to the College)

Eligibility:  Any staff member who has been employed in a regular full time or part time position for at least one year is eligible for nomination. Temporary and on-call staff are ineligible; senior staff members are also ineligible.

Nomination process:  Nominations may be made by any regular staff or faculty member.  In order to be considered, the nominee’s immediate supervisor or department head must also support the nomination.  Nominations may be made in writing via the Nomination Form, or verbally through Human Resources.  They are due no later than June 14, 2013.

Award: Award recipients will receive a cash gift of up to $500.

Selection: The award selections will be made by the senior staff of the College.

Questions concerning the nomination or award process should be directed to Human Resources, 106 Fletcher Hall, 434-381-6506.


2013 Nomination Form (MSWord)

2013 Nomination Form (PDF)


Recipients Include:


Gloria Higginbotham for Excellence in Service

Jerry Allen for Excellence as a Team Member

Wayne Pat Clements for Innovation/Bright Ideas


Richard Canode for Excellence in Service

Jo Ann Carpenter for Excellence in Service

Eleanor Staples for Excellence as a Team Member

Patricia James for Innovation/Bright Ideas


Lewis Jones for Excellence in Service

Becky Seagle for Excellence as a Team Member

Richard Meyer for Innovation/Bright Ideas


Tom Shelton, Sr. for Excellence in Service

Gloria Smith for Excellence in Service

Coleen Catalon for Excellence as a Team Member

Juanita Elliott for Excellence as a Team Member


Randy Cash for Excellence in Service

Sara Jacobs for Excellence as a Team Member

Cindy Ponton for Innovation/Bright Ideas


Donna Meeks for Excellence in Service

Jimmy Rose for Excellence in Service

Theresa McNabb for Excellence as a Team Member


Mona Browning for Excellence in Service

Jack Staton for Excellence in Service

Melissa Staton for Excellence as a Team Member

Katia Suntseva for Excellence as a Team Member



Stacey Carter

Dawn Gatewood

Stormy Hopkins