Tuition Benefits


Sweet Briar provides:

  • Benefit eligible employees the opportunity to attend classes at Sweet Briar at no cost.

  • Benefit eligible employees, who have completed one year of service, tuition scholarships for their child(ren), spouse, or domestic partner. This benefit also applies to the child of a retiree who is at least age 55 with 10 years of continuous service.

  • Benefit eligible employees, who have completed three years of continuous years of employment, and their children are eligible to participate in The Tuition Exchange. Sweet Briar participates in two tuition exchange programs — The Tuition Exchange ( and The CIC Tuition Exchange Program (

  • Non-benefit eligible employees, who have completed two consecutive years of service, the opportunity to take one class each academic semester at no cost.

  • Retired employees, who are at least 55 with 10 years of continuous services, the opportunity to take one course per semester at tuition-free.


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