beBetter Health



Sweet Briar realizes employees are always searching for ways to improve health, whether it's to exercise more, lose

weight, eat healthier, or stop smoking and weet Briar wants to help.  In an effort to provide employees with health

solutions, SBC has recently partnered with beBetter Health and Summit Health through our CICV Benefits Consrotium

to motivate employees to participate in an effective disease management programs and provide convenient solutions by

utilizing wellness services.  Our medical insurance provider, Anthem, also focuses part of their program on disease

management and support for chronic conditions, in addition to having complete preventive care coverage.

  • All Sweet Briar employees are eligible to participate the annual wellness screening, typically available as part of the open enrollment period.  Wellness premium reduction incentives are provided to employees who participate in the wellness programs.
  • Open enrollment is held in November.



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