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Required Study Abroad Forms

Parent or Guardian Form

Academic Advisor’s Form

Agreement of Responsible Travel


Instructions for Completion of Study Abroad Forms

Applications to your program

You are responsible for submitting the required application materials directly to the study abroad program(s) of your choice.  This includes application forms, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and parental consent forms.  [Exceptions are materials for the University of St. Andrews and Doshisha Women's College, which come to the office of International Studies for forwarding.]  JYS and JYF forms go directly to those offices.  You should apply to your programs as early as possible, and make an actual appointment for any forms that need to be signed by the Director of International Studies.  Do not simply drop off these forms.  Note: No Sweet Briar Scholarship applications will be considered without proof that you have applied to a study abroad program, unless special arrangements are made in advance for spring programs. 

If you plan to participate in the Junior Honors program while you are away, you must consult with Julie Hemstreet regarding that program.

For your convenience, please find below a list of the forms which must be completed and submitted to the Office of International Studies:


(1) Advisor’s Recommendation Form

            You must complete the top portion of this form, and deliver it to your current advisor for his/her completion.  If your current advisor is not your major advisor, please discuss your study abroad plans with any potential major advisors to determine the appropriate time for you to study abroad.  Students are required to declare their major by the middle of the semester before they go abroad for semester or year study. 


(2)  Study Abroad Parental Consent and Statement of Insurance Coverage

            Provide this form to your parents for their review and signature.

(4)  Participation Agreement for Study Abroad

            Read this form carefully and sign, date, and complete the relevant information at the bottom of page 2.  Leave the section below “Sweet Briar College” blank – that is for a representative of the Office of International Studies’ signature.

5)  Proposed Courses Form

            This form lists the courses you intend to take (as well as two alternate courses) during your studies abroad.  A separate proposed courses form must be completed for each semester you plan to study abroad.  You should make an appointment to discuss your initial choices and requirements with your major advisor(s).  After completing the list of courses, you must get approval from each Sweet Briar department chair in which transfer credit will be awarded.  Department Chair approval is evidenced by having the Chair initial beside the course on the form.  Next, you must return to your advisor(s) and get his/her signature on this form evidencing approval of the course load.  If you have two majors, two major advisor signatures are required. After signing the form yourself (Step 3), and making a copy of the form for your records (Step 4), deliver the form to the Registrar’s Office.