2008 Grads Move Forward with Solid Plans

| June 5, 2008

Wayne Stark, director of the career services office at Sweet Briar College, reported the following stats regarding the Class of 2008:

As of graduation, 95 percent of seniors had reported their post-graduation plans to the career services center. Of those students, 78 percent had either secured a job, been accepted to a graduate school or other advanced study opportunity, such as nursing school, or were pursuing a personal endeavor, such as an internship or overseas travel.

Including those interviewing for positions, 85 percent of students — well above the national average — were effectively engaged in post-graduation pursuits.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2006-07 Career Services Benchmark Survey for Four-year Colleges and Universities — the most recent survey available — 55.6 percent of graduating students nationally were reporting jobs or graduate school/further education at the time of graduation.

When examining only graduate school and further education outcomes, the NACE survey found schools with enrollments of fewer than 1,000 averaged a 10.5-percent rate of graduate school/further education attainment. For 2008, Sweet Briar students attained a rate of 30 percent.

What follows are some of the diverse endeavors undertaken by the Class of 2008:

    • Elizabeth Anderson will study pharmacy at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
    • Sarah Ansani will be at Chatham University working on an MFA in creative writing.
    • Margaret Barnes is traveling in Southeast Asia over the summer.
    • Lisa Bethune will study epidemiology at the University of Maryland.
    • Alison Carr will work on a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology at the University of Akron.
    • Kristin Chapdelaine is interning at Edelman Public Relations.
    • Carolisa Cheung will study applied mathematics at the University of California, Merced.
    • Patricia Cooper is working for Snag-a-Job in Richmond.
    • Erin Coyne, Eleanor Donahue, Jensine Frenz, Laura McGarry, Jennifer Milby, Alyson Napier, Meghan Ryan, Shanna Ryan, Rebecca Soliwoda, Mary Tipton and Lauren Towler will work on their MAT or M.Ed. at Sweet Briar.
    • Catherine Cox will coach field hockey at Sweet Briar.
    • Mary Dance is employed with Sweet Briar’s admissions office as an assistant director.
    • Briana and Brittany Deane are employed as student counselors at the Willow Creek School in Provo, Utah.
    • Katherine Ellis is working in D.C. for the National Association of Real Estate Developers.
    • Ashley Figueredo will pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry at Penn State University.
    • Elizabeth Gold will attend the University of Massachusetts, pursuing an MBA in finance.
    • Jenny Horswell will attend Harvard University to work on an MBA.
    • Christina Johnson will study mechanical engineering at the University of Virginia.
    • Elizabeth Killiam is working at the Yale Cancer Center as she prepares for a career in medicine.
    • Ann Lojek will work on a master’s in public policy at George Mason University.
    • Megan Manubay is working in the business office and coaching field hockey at Caravel Academy.
    • Tiffany Meadows will pursue a master’s in intercultural relations at Lesley University.
    • Julie Midgly is consulting for Freddie Mac as a business operations associate.
    • Rebecca Penny is the new conference program assistant for the Boston University Sergeant Center for Outdoor Education.
    • Adlyn Perez-Figueroa will work on a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the California School of Psychology.
    • Lindsay Rice is working as a production assistant/photographer for Harvard Arts Production.
    • Lisa Ruffle has been accepted to both Pennsylvania School of Optometry and the SUNY College of Optometry.
    • Laurel Sanders will study medicine at the Florida State College of Medicine.
    • Mary Ungerer will work towards a degree in nursing at SUNY Buffalo.
    • Emily Vermilya is Sweet Briar’s new assistant director in the development office.
    • Amanda Wisz will study biological and biomedical science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
    • Mary Beth Wolf is a recruiter and financial advisor at Northwest Mutual Financial Network.

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