2013-14 Pannell Scholars announced

| November 20, 2013

Eleven students from the Class of 2016 are working on projects funded by the Anne Gary Pannell Merit Scholarship this year.

Launched three years ago, the scholarship is awarded by the Honors Program and provides exceptional first-year students the opportunity to explore an area of interest during their sophomore year. Pannell Scholars receive a merit award applied to their tuition and funds to support research or travel associated with their project.

This year’s recipients are Jessica Barry, Emily Dallas, Julia Eckstine, Lydia Fleck, Kiersten Garcia, Katriana Jorgensen-Muga, Emma Kiely, Mariah Miller, Sarah Nunn, Laura Patlan and Caroline Shepard.

Kayaking is one of the sports Emily Dallas ’16 explores in her project. Here, the Outdoor Programs instructor is demonstrating a kayaking technique during a clinic in Prothro Natatorium.

As in previous years, projects cover a variety of topics within the liberal arts spectrum, ranging from traditional research in the humanities (“Transcribing Latin Epigraphs”) to everyday issues (“Eating Disorders – Raising Awareness at Sweet Briar College”) to career exploration in the sciences (“The Basics of Medicine: Becoming More than Just a Doctor”). Some students will travel abroad in preparation for or during the course of the project to complete aspects of their field research — Barry’s Latin epigraphs took her to Turkey this summer, while Jorgensen-Muga and Shepard will travel to Costa Rica later this year.

“I will be given the opportunity to work in clinics and with local authorities to provide public health services,” Jorgensen-Muga said. “This project will allow me to explore a career in public health through both field experience and analytical research so that I can gain a more effective focus in planning for the future.”

Pannell Scholarship projects for 2013-14:

Jessica Barry: “Transcribing Latin Epigraphs”
Emily Dallas: “Benefits and Theories of Adaptive Sports”
Julia Eckstine: “Eating Disorders – Raising Awareness at Sweet Briar College”
Lydia Fleck: “The Physics of Sports”
Kiersten Garcia: “To Make the Best Better: Developing a Training Supplement Program for Teen Leaders in Virginia 4-H”
Katriana Jorgensen-Muga: “Public Health: An Exploration of Global Systems and Costa Rica”
Emma Kiely: “Curious Caffeine: Coffee and Tea Culture”
Mariah Miller: “Healing Hooves”
Sarah Nunn: “Fanfiction: The History of a Largely Hidden Phenomenon”
Laura Patlan: “Ancient Far Eastern Ceramics”
Caroline Shepard: “The Basics of Medicine: Becoming More than Just a Doctor”

Janika Carey


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