A message from Gen. Charles Krulak

| July 16, 2015

Gen. Charles Krulak, vice chair of the Sweet Briar College Board of Directors, posted the following message to his Facebook page yesterday, urging undecided new and returning students to “come home to Sweet Briar”:

“First off, let me introduce myself. I am General Chuck Krulak and am a former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, former chairman and CEO of an international bank, former president of Birmingham-Southern College and a current member of the board of several corporations and a professional sports team. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am honored to be the vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Sweet Briar College. I mention all of this … not to demonstrate that I can’t hold a job … but rather, to show that I have had a good deal of experience over my life in a number of positions. This new position is one of the most exciting and rewarding that I have occupied. Simply put, SBC is a remarkable institution that develops women of character who go on to live lives of great significance. How can I say that? Simple! Look what these alumnae have done! They fought a tremendous battle in the courts and through the dint of their energy, devotion to the college, mental capacity, guts and determination, they won! As a retired general, I saw this take place and said to myself, ‘I want to be working with people like these.’

For those current students who are debating whether to come ‘home’ to SBC or those who have been accepted and are still deciding whether to come, let me tell you what I see as the future of this wonderful school. First and foremost, I see a group of alumnae who have already determined that Sweet Briar is not going to close. They have not just talked a good fight, they have put up the necessary money to win the fight. We have a great president. I know Dr. Stone … he is a remarkable man who is smart as a whip, person-oriented, kind and caring in his treatment of others, and always out and about. Believe me, you will see him all over the campus. I see a strong board … focused on what needs to be done for the long-term health of the College. I see faculty and staff who are, themselves, coming ‘home’ to SBC. This is a HUGE indicator that people do ‘believe.’

Each of you chose Sweet Briar at some time in the college decision process. Many of you attended … others were going to attend. If SBC was a good ‘fit’ before, it is still a good ‘fit.’ Come ‘home’ … we are waiting for you and you can be sure you will get the quality education that developed the alumnae who ‘saved Sweet Briar.’ ”

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