AREVA renews support for Explore Engineering

| March 25, 2014

AREVA Inc. will sponsor the 2014-2015 Explore Engineering program at Sweet Briar College with a gift of $15,000. This is the second consecutive year the company has supported the program as part of its Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education outreach.

The Explore Engineering program provides college immersion opportunities for high school girls while introducing the benefits of an education and career in engineering. The AREVA sponsorship will support three Explore Engineering sessions, a weeklong summer camp, and two weekend “mini-camps.” The team-based sessions are structured to emphasize creativity, problem solving and engineering design principles. Since 2008, more than 275 high school girls from across the country — many of them from the Lynchburg, Va., area — have attended one or more of the camps.

Participants in the summer 2013 Explore Engineering camp built mechatronic lock-and-dam systems, sending remote-controlled boats from one pool to another via a Plexiglass river.

“Investing in the Explore Engineering program at Sweet Briar supports AREVA’s STEM education strategy as well as our workforce diversity goals,” said Mike Rencheck, president and CEO, AREVA Inc. and Department of Energy Ambassador of the Minorities in STEM. “AREVA, along with the rest of the energy industry, needs a strong pipeline of engineers to support the growth and advancement needed to provide safe, low-carbon electricity for U.S. energy security. This program fosters a talented future workforce for AREVA, in Virginia and the entire country.”

Sweet Briar is one of only two women’s colleges in the United States to offer an ABET-accredited engineering degree. The curriculum focuses on mechanical engineering while emphasizing the potential for improving the quality of life for others through engineering design.

“Our nation needs the wide range of creative ideas that can only come from a diverse, technically advanced STEM workforce,” said Hank Yochum, director of the Margaret Jones Wyllie ’45 Engineering Program at Sweet Briar. “Explore Engineering engages high school women through design-based activities. In addition to introducing them to Sweet Briar’s engineering curriculum, we are attracting more women to the profession. AREVA’s support helps us to continue bringing an underrepresented group into the technical workforce.”


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