Dance professor releases CD

| October 3, 2012

Professor of dance and director of Sweet Briar College’s dance program Mark Magruder has released a CD of original music compositions, “Yoga Dreams.” The album is a compilation of works he wrote and performed to use during his yoga classes.

“I wanted at least an hour of music that could be used for relaxing, meditating and practicing yoga postures, a collection of soothing sounds that would help to relieve stress from today’s busy lifestyles,” said Magruder, who has taught dance and yoga at Sweet Briar for 28 years.

Magruder plays a number of instruments and frequently composes and performs music to accompany his dance choreography. He says he wanted see if he could combine several instruments with looping pedals and other expression effects to create an ideal music set for yoga practice. The result is “Yoga Dreams.”

The CD is available on iTunes and Amazon.


Category: Dance, Performing Arts