Aaaaahhhh! G-ghosts!

| July 19, 2012

Wow. We suspected the Sweet Briar College episode of “School Spirits” on SyFy would be sensational — and it was. That Lucian is one bad dude. If you believe in ghosts.

Ghost stories abound among students on Sweet Briar’s campus, as they often do at any institution with a long and colorful history. They are passed down from generation to generation. We love our ghosts — in fact we include their haunts on our campus map: (check for “ghosts” under “Layers”).

And most of the stories are about Daisy playing pranks and having fun. Students get into the, er, spirit of it. The producers of this show, however, clearly wanted to create the scariest version they could. They were pretty successful, too!

Ergo, a few points of fact are in order. First, except for the interviews, all of the scenes were entirely dramatized — and not on Sweet Briar’s campus. Indeed, architecturally speaking, you couldn’t get further from our stately Georgian Revival.

While the historical context was accurate (it must be said, we’re not sure about Daisy’s ghost scaring Lucian away from Indiana; it could have happened), the paranormal events portrayed in “Ghostly Girls’ School” are not those normally associated with Sweet Briar. Apparently, results may vary.

If you want to know what secrets our Sweet Briar ghosts do harbor, we encourage you to check out the map.

Jennifer McManamay

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