College Recognized for Impact on STEM Education

| May 11, 2011

Sweet Briar College’s teacher education program, Inquiry Approaches to STEM: Professional Development for Grade 3-8 Teachers, has received a 2011 “Programs that Work” award from the Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition. Professors Jill Granger and Tim Loboschefski attended a dinner at the Virginia Museum of Science and Technology on May 10 to receive the honor.

The award recognizes the ongoing work of the College’s Science by Inquiry team, which since 2004 has provided innovative graduate-level courses for local and regional school teachers in science, technology, engineering and math — referred to as STEM — subjects.

The award recognizes the “significant work invested in the design and implementation of the program as well as the impact on education,” according to a letter from the coalition’s selection committee chair, Barbara Young.

Granger is one of the teacher training program’s longtime leaders. She says the award takes into account the team’s success in meeting project goals and overall impact on the region.

“Many people have been involved in this project and have helped to make it successful,” Granger, a chemistry professor, said. “One aspect of the project that is recognized time and again is the excellent collaboration that our team displays in terms of STEM faculty working well and closely with our education department and with the area school divisions.”

According to its website, the Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition is an alliance of education, corporate and public policy leaders working together to revitalize mathematics and science education in prekindergarten through graduate school.

The awards selection committee looks for innovative programs that have proved effective with all students or teachers; that demonstrate important science concepts, skills or processes learned by participants; and that document impact on teaching and learning.

Congratulations to the following educators from the Sweet Briar and local communities who have contributed to the success of the College’s teacher development program:

Current project leaders
Jim Alouf
Jill Granger
Arlene Vinion-Dubiel
Hank Yochum

Project evaluation
Julia Jacobsen
Jan Kress
Tim Loboschefski

Past and present project support
Laurna Kaatz
Andrea Orvos
Kathleen Placidi
Pam Simpson
Mary Woerner

STEM content teaching
Rebecca Ambers
Ruth Beeston
Lincoln Brower
Robin Davies
Bill Eggl
Linda Fink
Rob Granger
Heather Griscom
Bessie Kirkwood
Donna McLaughlin
John Morrissey
Megan Murray
Cyndi Osterhus
Dorsa Sanadgol
Judy Strang
Janet Steven
Gigi Sweeney
Nick Swayne
Steve Wassell
Beth Williams
Marcia Yochum
Abraham Yousef

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