SBC Teacher Educator to Speak at Texas Conference

| February 7, 2012
Jeff Frank, assistant professor of education at Sweet Briar, will speak at the annual Association of Teacher Educators meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Based on his paper “Creating a Global Community of Learners: Teachers—Alone—Are Not Enough,” Frank’s presentation argues against the vision of teaching popularized by the recent documentary “Waiting for Superman.”

“Instead of supporting policies and practices fixated on the idea that the teacher is wholly responsible for increasing student learning, we need to think in terms of ecologies of learning,” Frank said, adding that collaboration is key when it comes to teaching:

“We need to appreciate the multiple factors and relations that lead to student success. [Instead of] a unidirectional picture — a teacher teaches and a student learns — we need to develop a broader picture that is multi-directional, iterative and adaptive.”

Before coming to Sweet Briar, Frank taught secondary English and was a teacher educator at Montclair State University and at Teachers College, Columbia University. Frank teaches courses in the graduate and undergraduate program.

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