Students Enter Yellow Pages Ad Challenge

| December 10, 2008

This semester, students in Linda Shank’s Principles of Advertising class have been working on entries for the 2008-2009 Yellow Pages Advertising Challenge.

The contest is aimed at students at two- and four-year colleges in the United States and Canada, and the object is to create Internet and print ads for a real Yellow Pages advertiser – in this case, a self-storage company called U-Store-It.

Amanda Bradley and Jenny Gooding used “Mr. Pack Rat” in their ads.

Winners will have their work displayed on the Yellow Pages Association Academic Web site and they’ll be recognized at the YPA’s annual convention. In addition, competition winners and their faculty sponsors will share in nearly $10K in prizes.

Working alone or in teams of up to three, Shank’s students put their heads together, using what they learned in class to come up with layouts, color schemes and witty catch phrases. Ryan Roach and Laura McKenna’s ads ask prospective customers, “Moving sooner than you think?” complete with photos taken on the Sweet Briar campus.

In one photo, McKenna – playing the angry roommate – throws clothing from a balcony; in another, Roach, retrieves clothing from the bushes below. Although catch phrases weren’t a requirement for the project, Roach said, “We learned in advertising that it’s good to have one.”

Amanda Bradley and Jenny Gooding spent about six hours working on their ads, and came up with a spokesperson – or more specifically, a spokesrodent, Mr. Pack Rat.

In their ads, Mr. Pack Rat warns, “Don’t be a pack rat” and says, “U-Store-It solved all my storage problems. Now I can easily find my cheese without going through a maze.” The testimonial was signed, “Mr. Pack Rat, Hole in the Wall, Texas.”

Other advertising slogans included, “Pack your family. Pack your house. Pack your world.” “Where do you think you’re going to put all those boxes?” and “Need it? Want it? Use U-Store-It.”

Last year, more than 1,400 students from 197 schools entered the contest.

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