Sweet Briar is first-in-class in Forbes’ #MyTopCollege campaign

| July 28, 2015

Well, it’s official — Sweet Briar College is #MyTopCollege in the small school category for the Forbes 2015 My Top College campaign.

Tweets like this propelled Sweet Briar to the head of the pack.

Vixens all over the globe tweeted relentlessly, causing Forbes to clarify their contest rules and, when a #punkandgreen protest pointed out the unfair advantage larger schools would get under the new rules, Forbes broke out size-based categories mid-contest.

The volume alone was staggering. Forbes announced over 7,000 total tweets were entered in the contest. In a four-day period we sampled using Keyhole.co, 72 people tweeted a total of 188 times for Sweet Briar alone, with a whopping total of over 6 million users reached. We hope Forbes releases more data about the contest, but suffice to say Sweet Briar students and alumnae (and even a handful of prospectives!) represented, and then some.

See a roundup of just a few of the top social media entries for Sweet Briar hereRead more about the contest results on Forbes’ website here.

Nothing that you cannot do, indeed.

Meridith De Avila Khan


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