They’re back

| June 12, 2012

Meta Glass Residence Hall was the scene of faux carnage this weekend as independent filmmakers Jason Thielen and wife Kathleen McCabe returned to campus June 9-10 to continue making a pilot visual effects thriller.

Thielen and McCabe first visited in January to shoot some scenes in Grammer Hall. They returned this weekend for two full days with a crew that included actor Brad Ferguson, stunt actress Hannah Scott and stunt coordinator Matthew Staley. Also on the set were production assistants Lauren Burwell and Tre White.

Director of photography Caleb Lopez and sound technician Jaron Lopez returned for the second shoot, this time with help from Rahsaan Wood, a digital imaging technician.

The action had Scott leaping over a railing and rolling down stairwells in carefully orchestrated stunts as she tries to outrun Ferguson’s scary alter ego. The actor wore a gray suit outfitted with sensors that will help animators create a computer-generated creature from the digital video.

Thielen isn’t ready to reveal too many details about the short film, which he hopes to use to promote the concept for a longer feature and future projects. An animation specialist with more than 15 major film credits, he is making the pilot on his own time while working full time on “Iron Man 3” in Wilmington, N.C. McCabe is producing, while he writes and directs.


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