‘Visitor’(s) from Hollywood Invade Grammer

| January 4, 2012

Jason Thielen (center), an independent filmmaker and animator, directs the cast and crew of his short movie, a visual effects thriller featuring a computer-generated creature. Actor Nathan Walker (far left) is wearing a “gray suit” with tracking markers used for reference to create realistic movement.Independent filmmakers Jason Thielen and wife Kathleen McCabe of Marina del Rey, Calif., were on campus Jan. 3 shooting scenes for a proposed visual effects thriller in Grammer Residence Hall.

Thielen, an animation specialist whose 17 film credits include “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel,” plans to use the short film to promote the concept for a longer feature he has in mind, as well as future projects.

In the as yet untitled short, two hapless co-eds are stalked by Thielen’s computer-generated monster.

Using computer-generated imagery is a multi-layered process that will take many months to complete, says McCabe, who is the film’s producer. While Thielen will animate the creature, he’s using the services of other CGI professionals for steps such as modeling and texturing the character.

Three young actors, Sharanya Ravi and Jessi Lynn Durham as the students and Nathan Walker as the computer-generated creature, were hired for the one-day shoot. Director of photography Caleb Lopez shot the footage with his brother, Jaron, handling sound. Thielen directed the production.

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