Academic Forms

Students are expected to complete the three academic forms below by January 11, 2016. Please contact the dean’s office at (434) 381-6205 if you have questions or need assistance with these forms.

  • The Academic Advising Questionnaire: Mandatory for all students and must be submitted by Aug. 1 for students entering in the Fall 2015 and Jan. 11 for student entering in the Spring 2016. The information you include will be critical for your work with your faculty advisor and will be shared with only those individuals who can further assist in advising you.

  • Online Placement Tests: Students who will be taking French, Spanish and Latin must take the online placement tests prior to July 15 for Fall 2015 or Jan. 11 for Spring 2016. If you have never taken a language then you should not complete an online placement exam. Students will find this test under the “Orientation” tab once they log in to

  • Plagiarism Assessment: By taking this mandatory plagiarism assessment, you will help us help you to avoid the potential pitfalls of not correctly acknowledging another’s thoughts, words or ideas. If you do not successfully pass this assessment, you will be required to attend a review session. Students will find this test under the “Orientation” tab once they log in to The deadline to complete this assessment is Aug. 1 for Fall 2015 and Jan. 11 for Spring 2016.