Academic Q&A


Q. Will I get credit for my advanced placement (AP) exams and/or for courses taken at a college or university?

Official AP exam results are reported by ETS—only at your request—to the College’s Registrar during the summer. Your advisor will be able to tell you if you are receiving AP credit when you meet to plan your schedule during orientation. The general rule is that scores of 4 and 5 will receive credit. Official transcripts for work done at other colleges must be sent directly to the Sweet Briar College Registrar. Please make sure you have requested that your AP scores be sent to Sweet Briar’s Registrar.


Q. How do I get involved with the y:1 program?

y:1 will not be offered in 2015. For more information on the program, see


Q. Which English course do I need to take?

Your advisor will tell you during Orientation which English course you will need to take in your first semester.


Q. How am I placed in courses?

For courses in some departments you will need to take an online placement test during the summer or winter break. See Online Placement Tests for more information


Q. When do I register for classes?

You will plan your schedule with your advisor during Orientation. Registration will take place at that time.


Q. What are Reading Days?

These days, built into each semester, are an opportunity for students to catch up on academic work and prepare for exams. Some students use Reading Days as a break, but their primary purpose is educational.


Q. How do self-scheduled exams work?

At the end of the fall and spring terms, students schedule their own examinations. There are two available exam periods per day. Depending on the number of exams you have, and the number you elect to take on a particular day, you may finish early or late in the examination period.