Campus Safety

Sweet Briar provides a safe community for all students, faculty and staff. All residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, accessible only to Sweet Briar students and their guests. During check-in, you will receive a key that fits all front door locks and your individual room key.

Questions should be directed to the Department of Safety, (434) 381-6144.

e2 Campus – Emergency Communications System

Sweet Briar College has a state-of-the-art communication system called e2Campus to quickly notify individuals in case of emergency, including weather-related events such as tornados and snow delays/closures.

Who can sign up for this service?
Anyone with an SBC email account can opt into this free service.

What if I have more than one phone number?
You can enter up to two phone numbers and two email addresses. Those who wish to do so can opt to list a family member’s or friend’s phone number or email address.

Sign-up Instructions

For Text Messages:

  1. Enter the information requested
  2. Wait to receive a text message
  3. Enter your validation code sent to your cellular phone via text message
  4. Click the “validate” button and your registration is complete!

For Email Notifications:

  1. Enter all the information requested
  2. Log into your email account
  3. Enter the validation code sent to you via email
  4. Click the “validate” button, and your registration is complete!