Forms for New Students

Welcome to the first-year forms page. This section of the website contains all of the forms you will need to complete prior to your arrival on campus. There are four categories of forms you will need to complete.
All forms are mandatory unless otherwise noted.  

The New Student Information Form is mandatoryThis form asks for basic information, residential (or non-residential) preferences, dietary likes and dislikes, as well as general questions about your family. You will need to complete all parts of the form at one time as your progress cannot be saved; this form should take about 30 minutes to complete. The deadline is Jan. 11 for Spring 2016. 

Academic Forms. Mandatory for all students and must be submitted by Jan. 11 for students entering in the Spring 2016. The information you include will be critical for your work with your faculty advisor and will be shared with only those individuals who can further assist in advising you. 


The Medical Form is mandatory for all students. The form is divided into two sections. You will need to complete the Confidential Report of Medical History. Your doctor will need to complete the Confidential Physical Form. If you are a rider and/or athlete, you must complete the additional Authorization To Use and Disclose Protected Health Information, Education Records and Other Information. Your medical forms must be completed prior to your arrival on campus. Students who do not submit medical forms will be unable to register for or attend classes. The deadline for these forms is Jan. 11 for Spring 2016.

Other forms. There are a number of other forms that are optional. Please make sure you check the list and complete the forms that are relevant to you.


If you have any questions, email or call the Office of Student Life at (434) 381-6134.