New Student ePortfolio Assignment

Your ePortfolio is a place for you to gather the materials and evidence of accomplishments from your entire academic career at Sweet Briar. It’s also a place for you to reflect. Your ePortfolio is the place where you put together the pieces of your academic and co-curricular life that tell your story of what it means to be a Sweet Briar woman. Your ePortfolio exists not only for academic purposes, but should also serve as a creative outlet, helping you to make connections both as a student and as an alum.

Your assignment is to:

    • Think about where you are right now, both actually and metaphorically. Reflect on your personal history, your family background, and what choices brought you to Sweet Briar. Are there aspects of your heritage/your family history that that influenced your decision to attend Sweet Briar in particular? Is there something about Sweet Briar that resonates with your past while you anticipate your future? Consider your expectations, hopes, anxieties and questions with regard to your life at Sweet Briar.
  • Create a new section in your ePortfolio, and title it “ePortfolio Assignment.”
  • Write a short narrative essay on your personal and family history and your connection to Sweet Briar. You may want to add visual images or videos to enhance your portfolio essay. Feel free to select a photo or video from the Sweet Briar YouTube channel or Flickr feed that speaks to you in some way, and embed, upload, or download that image or video in a Rich Text Module in this new section. (Directions on embedding videos/images are available at Write about why you chose that particular image/video, and what connects you to Sweet Briar at this particular moment. Expand on the way in which you might envision your growth (personal and academic) at Sweet Briar over the course of the coming year or the next four. What do you expect here? What are your fears or hopes?
  • Your academic advisor will take a look at your assignment before helping you choose classes and is expecting you to write at least 200 words. An assignment that is terse, merely functioning to fulfill the technical requirements (“I chose this video because it has horses and I like horses”) will not meet expectations. Please take this opportunity to explore the functions of ePortfolio and to let your advisor get to know you.

Keep in mind that these reflections and connections can just be a creative snapshot of one moment and a vision of your potential future at Sweet Briar; they are not going to be graded or judged in any way, though they will be seen by your advisor before you register for classes. Any information that you think will be helpful to your advisor to help guide your academic path would be beneficial to include here. 

Click here to view our ePortfolio instruction videos.