Online Placement Tests

Students who will be taking French, Spanish and Latin must take the online placement tests prior to July 15 for Fall 2014 or Jan. 9 for Spring 2015. For students enrolling in Fall 2014, the tests will be available starting June 1 to you through mySBC. For students enrolling in Spring 2015, the tests will be available in December. Please note: These tests are diagnostic; you cannot pass or fail them. We use the placement tests to determine your entry level in these subjects. In addition, all students need to take the online plagiarism assessment. This tool will be used to identify areas in which students need review and/or additional education.

Procedure for taking the placement tests:
  • You should take these tests as you would any other test — without any help and without consulting any related materials. Remember, the placement tests are used to find the appropriate level for you in your courses.
  • You should not take a test more than once. If you are having difficulties using the system, let us know.
To log in to mySBC:


If you have any questions about these tests, or any problems using the online system, please contact the dean’s office at (434) 381-6206.