Your arrival on campus is the beginning of orientation. This program is designed to help you become comfortable roommates, classmates and members of the Sweet Briar community. Academic life, involvement in sports and recreation, and participation in a rich variety of co-curricular opportunities are all part of the Sweet Briar experience. Orientation will introduce you to the different options and experiences available to you during the next four years.

During orientation you will meet with your faculty advisor regarding course selection, attend discussions about academic and community standards and community living, and become familiar with the SBC Student Handbook and Honor Code. In addition, there will be pre-season athletic practices as well as riding placement tests.

New students will join us on Aug. 23, 2015, for fall orientation. Spring orientation will begin on Jan. 17, 2016, for new and transfer students. For more information on check-in, click here.

The formal orientation period — from the time you arrive on campus until classes begin — is the first step in your collegiate career. Orientation is designed to familiarize new students with the Sweet Briar campus and community while giving you time to unpack, relax and connect with classmates.

In the fall, you should arrive on campus on the Saturday in August before classes begin on the following Thursday. During these first few days, you will be exposed to campus life; you will register for classes, tour the library, become familiar with academic standards and pledge the Honor Code.

In the spring, new students will arrive on Sunday and classes will begin on Monday. Please see the link below for the most recent orientation schedule.