Other Forms


Below are additional forms: (1) mandatory vehicle registration form; (2) forms that are optional; (3) forms applicable to student riders; (4) athletic forms; (5) Learning on the Land registration.

1. Vehicle Registration Form (Fill out during orientation)

 This form is mandatory if you are bringing a vehicle to campus. Feel free to print and complete in advance, or you may complete upon arrival at check-in. 

2. Optional Forms 
  • Refrigerator Rental Form: The Melvin Corporation provides rental refrigerator/microwave combo units. You will receive information about renting a combo unit when you receive our new student packet in mid-July. Spring 2016 admits will recieve information via email. 
  • Roommate Request Form 

    Students interested in requesting a specific roommate must complete this form by 5 p.m. on June 3, 2016. Requests will not be honored unless BOTH roommates submit the form prior to the deadline. Late requests will NOT be accepted.

3. Forms for Riders
4. Forms for Athletes 

Athletic Training and Sports Information
Below are the student-athlete forms for 2015-16. All forms must be completed and received by the
head athletic trainer prior to any practice. Sport-specific questionnaires must be completed in their entirety prior to the first day of practice. 

Direct athletic training questions to Lydia Vollavanh and contact Danielle Delude with any sports information inquiries.

5. Learning on the Land
All new students who begin in August participate in the “Learning on the Land” program. Incoming students have the opportunity to register for an exploratory session that examines the Sweet Briar environment from different perspectives such as anthropology, art, ecology, horticulture, technology and music. The experiences are as vastly different as the faculty, staff and students leading them. Research the different offerings for this year’s Learning on the Land Program here and register between July 1 and July 31, 2016. Incoming students who do not register will be assigned a program.