As parents and guardians, you are an important part of your student's education at Sweet Briar. But so are student self-responsibility and integrity. We want students to celebrate their goals and successes — and to resolve the challenges and problems in their lives. Our staff is committed to assisting and supporting your student in her journey.

When questions or situations occur, encourage your daughter to take that first step. At Sweet Briar, students have the primary responsibility for their lives and experience, for meeting the College's expectations, and for the communication of information with their parents or guardians. We strive to help students create a rewarding experience for themselves, both academically and personally.

This emphasis on student responsibility and accountability is especially important when academic or social issues arise. If you contact a staff member about a concern, we will usually want to involve your daughter in the conversation. We recognize that there are some situations in which consulting with families will be important, but ordinarily we want her to solve the matter directly through the numerous campus resources that are available.

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