Jodi Fisher '12: Financial Manager for Bungalow Company

Felicia McGuire '12: Graduate student in the electrical engineering program at Duke University

Wendie Charles '11: Master of Arts in Teaching graduate program at Sweet Briar College

Temma Clark-Braverman '10: Project Controls Professional at CH2M HILL

Kaelyn Leake '09: Graduate electrical engineering program at the University of California-Santa Cruz

Rebecca Girten '09: Fifth-grade teacher at Serviam Girls Academy in New Castle, Del.

Jessie Lile '09: Department of Justice — Intelligence Analyst

Stephanie Nance '09: Graduate student in the physics program at New Mexico Tech

Rachel Gotwalt '08: Software developer at TRAX Corporation

Christina Johnson '08: Graduate program in mechanical engineering at University of Virginia

Emily Clifton '08: Operations research analyst for Naval Air Systems Command

Kim Wadelton '07: Georgia Tech graduate school in Architecture and City and Regional Planning

Jenariel Kotonias '06: Validation engineer at C. B. Fleet Company

Julia Stanley '06: Duke University graduate school in medical physics

Caville Stanbury '06: Johns Hopkins graduate program in environmental engineering

Mariana Lazarova '05: Graduate school in astronomy at the University of California - Riverside

Cynthia Beller '04: Graduate school in biostatistics at Harvard University

Katherine Kirkwood '04: Graduate school in mechanical engineering at Yale University

Rachel Pottmeyer '04

Jenny Neurether '03: Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Paradise Valley Community College. Master's in physics at University of California at Davis

Jennifer Temple '03: Physics laboratory technician, Collin Community College. Graduate school in physics at University of Texas - Arlington

Alexis Kovacs '02: Graduate school in physics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and is now a physics and chemistry teacher at Jones College Prep in Chicago.

Krista Schuler Ziegenfuss '02: Structural engineer at The Wilson T. Ballard Company

Erin Alberda '01: Works with Americorps and provides horseback riding to the disabled

Megan Thomas '01: Physicist at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Fredericksburg, Va.

Anne Lombardi '01: UNC Chapel Hill Medical School

Shweta Sharma '01: Graduate school in biostatistics at University of Minnesota. She is now a research associate at the university.

Cristina Paolicchi '01: U.S. Navy Officer (Lieutenant). Graduate school at University of Maryland.

Laurna Kaatz '01: Graduate school in physics at the University of Denver. Now a climate scientist at Denver Water.

Catherine Peek '01: Graduate program in architecture at Rice University.

Suzanne Bollinger '00: Satellite systems engineer at Lockheed Martin

Laura Lamb '99:  Graduate school in Chemistry at Duke University

Joanne Hopkins '98: Senior project consultant at Edison Electric Institute. She received an M.B.A. from George Mason.

Lesya Shroedes '98: Electrician for the College Light Opera Company

Emily Virkus '98: Associate software applications development engineer for MITRE Corp.

Erin Wortley '98: Process engineer for the photolithography department at Dominion Semiconductor

Natalie Brown '96: Works in product development at Dynalloy Inc.

Lisa Buckingham '95: Graduate school in chemistry at Rice University and works as an analyst for Anderson Consulting

Sarah (Alex) Alexander '93: Graduate school in ocean engineering at Florida Atlantic University. Systems engineer, Lockheed Martin.

Debra Elkins '93: Graduate school in math and industrial engineering at Texas A&M University. Senior research engineer at General Motors R&D Center.

Srinka Ghosh '93: Graduate school in physics at Columbia University and a Ph.D. in bioengineering from the University of California-Berkeley

Diane Hayes '93: Associate software engineer at McKesson HBOC Imaging Solutions

Sue Richeson '81: Software engineer at GE Fanuc and at Inova Corporation

Stephanie L. Snead '81: Graduate school in operations research at George Washington University, and is currently Chief, Systems Analysis Branch, Survivability Lethality Analysis Directorate, Army Research Laboratory.

Cotty Matheson Wallace '74:  M.B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill and is senior vice-president at Wells Fargo Bank.

Robin Rodger Heller '76: Former executive at General Motors, now in environmental health field.