Sandy Duis

Visiting Professor
[email protected]     
(434) 381-6511     
Guion A03

Courses taught:
Psyc 309: Counseling Skills
Psyc 328: Human Neuropsychology

Daniel A. Gottlieb
Associate Professor
[email protected]     
(434) 381-6442     
Guion A06
Primary areas: learning, decision-making, behavioral neuroscience

I research learning and decision-making processes in human and non-human animals. I focus on processes involved in learning about and representing information about the occurrence of important outcomes (i.e., the relation of a location to a likelihood of food, a lottery ticket to an expectation of money, a video game event to an expectation of points). I aim to determine the way that nonverbal information of outcome occurrence is represented and to understand how the way in which information is obtained affects the use of that information.

Courses taught:
Psyc 101: Introductory Psychology
Psyc 231: Animal Learning
Psyc 238: Evolutionary Psychology
Psyc 246: Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior
Psyc 310: Experimental Psychology
Psyc 315: Research in Psychology
Psyc 355: Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

Tim Loboschefski
Associate Professor and Department Chair
[email protected]     
(434) 381-6225     
Guion A04
Primary areas: development, cognition, social

My research involves ADHD and possible biological markers for the disorder. With colleagues in the mathematical sciences at SBC and the behavioral medicine at UVa Medical Hospital, we have undertaken a number of externally granted projects focusing on EEG indicators of ADHD in children and adults. I am also interested in the development or lack of development of voice in college-aged women.

Courses taught:
Psyc 101: Introductory Psychology
Psyc 202: Child Development
Psyc 219: Statistics
Psyc 302: Adolescence and Adulthood
Psyc 315: Research in Psychology
Psyc 411: Family Systems Theory
Psyc 432: Test & Measurement

Roberta R. Sadler
[email protected]     
(434) 381-6226     
Guion A02
Primary areas: applied bevior analysis, psychophysiology

My first professional position was in the field of rehabilitation where I worked with spinal cord and brain injury programs that sought both to bring new research findings into clinical practice and to influence directions of research based on clinical needs. I have always been drawn to the application of basic psychological principles, formal studies of behavior therapy and psychophysiology.

Courses taught:
Psyc 101: Introductory Psychology
Psyc 243: Behavioral Approaches to Human Problems
Psyc 251: Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience
Psyc 315: Research in Psychology
Psyc 324: Behavioral Medicine
Psyc 403: Abnormal Psychology
Psyc 408: Sensation and Perception