Here is a listing of some recent Internship placements from our majors. If you are interested in seeking out an internship experience, please talk to a member of the psych faculty and schedule a meeting to talk to SBC's Career Services Center.

Students who are enrolled in Psyc 309 (Introduction to Counseling Skills) or one of the developmental field experience classes (Psyc 315, 415) will be placed with a community agency which best meets your individualized educational and career goals.

Internship Placement



Amazement Square, The Rightmire Children's Museum

Helped prepare museum for opening, set up educational exhibits, guided tour groups.

Amherst County Public Schools

Helped in implementing tutoring program for special needs children, teacher's assistant, worked with ADHD and MR children in classrooms

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Helped in interviews of prospective candidates for Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, assisted in placement of special needs children, assisted in academic mentoring.

Boys and Girls Clubs

Worked on after-school programming

Canine Partner's for Life

Interview of potential candidates to receive service dogs, assisted with training and placement of animals in homes, participated in initiation of prison program.

Christopher Farms Elementary School

Guidance Counselor Assistant: Assisted in group therapy sessions, guided-learning sessions, observation of one-on-one counseling sessions.

Citizens for Adult Literacy and Learning

Literacy program assistant, tutoring in the local community.

CNN, Washington Bureau

Copy editor/writer, data analysis assistance

Domestic Violence Program, Lynchburg

Assisted in placement and attenuation of services for victims of domestic violence. Served as victim advocate.

Funeral Consumer's Alliance

Received training on FTC compliance laws regarding the funeral industry and examined compliance of local funeral homes.

Hudson House

Service provider for chronically mentally ill adults

Kluge Children's Center

Assisted in Aquatics Program, worked with special needs children on physical rehabilitation

Mary Washington Hospital

Worked with Art Therapist

Martinsville Memorial Hospital

Chaplain's Assistant

Miriam's House

Miriam's House is a residence for homeless women living with AIDS, some of whom have children. The purpose of Miriam's House is to bring compassionate attention to the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the residents within the context or a loving and respectful community. 

Refuge Services: An Equine Assisted Therapy Program

Assisted in EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) sessions, assisted wrangler in the selection/care of service animals and assisted therapist with feedback sessions for program participants.

Sexual Assault Response Program

Victim advocate, assisted victims of sexual assault obtain contact with social service agencies and counseling programs, assisted in legal proceedings, worked sexual assault hotline

Social Services, Amherst County VA

Community advocate, sought resolution for problems facing community members, assisted in placing of individuals into different service agencies.

Tye River Elementary School

Worked on "Book Buddy" literacy program

University of Mississippi Medical Center; Dept of Pediatrics

Physician's Assistant

Valleyview Retirement Community

Students have worked with physical therapists on rehabilitation,and with recreational directors planning and organizing events for community members.

Worknet, Lynchburg Division of Social Services

WorkNet is a national network aiming to promote better employment, training and education opportunities for users and ex-users of mental health services.