Residence Halls

New students are housed in a double room with a roommate. Prior to your arrival, the Office of Residence Life will match you as closely as possible with a roommate whose lifestyle and interests are compatible with yours. To help us match you with a roommate, please complete the New Student Form by June 15 (Fall 2016) or Jan. 9 (Spring 2017). To ensure that the best match is made, be sure to put your own responses on this form — not your parents’ or friends’ preferences. Failure to return this form by the deadline will void any preferences and you will be assigned after all others.

You should complete the Roommate Request Form if have a specific roommate preference. (Note: Both students must request each other by completing this form prior to the deadline of June 15, 2016.)


Each residence hall room has the following standard accommodations:

  • Cable television connection and Ethernet connections to the campus network
  • Connection to the wireless internet network
  • Smoke detector and sprinkler system
  • 1 twin bed (standard, not extra long) per resident
  • Closets or standing wardrobes
  • 1 dresser per resident
  • Mirror
  • 1 desk per resident
  • Desk chair
  • Heat and central air conditioning


Sweet Briar beds are 7 inches off the ground (this information comes in handy for storage). The mattress is standard length (good to know when shopping for sheets!). It is recommended to wait until after you see your room to purchase a rug, bedspreads and curtains.

Desks generally measure: 
36” Across x 19.5” Deep x 30” High

Dressers generally measure:
32.5” Across x 21” Deep


All residence halls have a television lounge and kitchen facilities that include a refrigerator, stove and microwave.

With the exception of Reid Hall, all residence halls have an elevator.

Room sizes average 10' x 12' in size; there is also some variance among the halls. 

For rooms with built-ins, sometimes dimensions include the closet space, sometimes they don’t.


Portable refrigerators are permitted in your room if they do not exceed 4.5 cubic feet, 80 lbs. in total weight and don’t require more than 240 watts of electricity in normal operation. Separate microwave units are not allowed in your room. For your convenience, the college allows students to rent approved microfridge combo units from Melvin Corporation. Click here to rent online.

Due to summer programing, viewing a specific residence hall or dorm room over the summer is not possible. 



Laundry facilities can be found in the following locations: 

  • Meta Glass Hall, lower level
  • Dew Hall, lower level 
  • Next to the Den

All laundry facilities are free to Sweet Briar students, equipped to accept SweetCAsh adn are also coin-operated (quarters only). 


Carson Residence Hall

Carson has a wonderful porch with large rocking chairs, plus hardwood floors and built-in closets in each room. This hall has predominately singles, triples and quads, and it has a large kitchen/communal space complete with a television and study room. Closed for renovations for the 2016-17 academic year. 

Dew Residence Hall

Housing 73 students, Dew primarily has double and single spaces and a limited number of quad rooms. A kitchen, laundry room, and the E.B. Room (Day Student Lounge) are located on the ground floor of Dew. This hall is located on the lower quad, next to Prothro Hall (dining hall). 

Grammer Residence Hall

82 first years and upperclasswomen live in Grammer Hall. It primarily contains single and double spaces. Along with hardwood floors and a main floor parlor, Grammer also features a kitchen and TV lounge on the lower level. This hall is located on the upper quad, adjacent to the Chapel and Reid Hall. 

Manson Residence Hall

With its hardwood floors, large kitchen facilities, TV lounge, and parlor, Manson is a popular residence hall for its 65 students. There are more triples and quads in Manson than in any other traditional hall. It is located on the upper quad between the Chapel and Randolph Hall. 

Meta Glass Residence Hall

Meta Glass Hall was built in 1962 and is named for Miss Meta Glass, president emeritus of the College. The building has mostly double rooms with built-in closets and dressers. There are kitchens and TV/social lounges on the floors and a laundry facility on the lower level. Meta Glass also houses the Outdoor Program and the post office on the first floor. Meta Glass Hall is closed for renovations for the 2016-17 academic year; however, lower-level laundry facilities are open. 

Randolph Residence Hall

Randolph Hall houses 74 students in singles, doubles, triples, and quads. It features hardwood floors and a large kitchen facility. It is located on the upper quad between Manson Hall and Pannell Hall, which houses classrooms, faculty offices, and the Pannell Art Gallery. 

Reid Residence Hall

Reid Hall is home to Reid Pit Student Activities Center, located on the ground floor. The Pit has a flat screen TV, pool table, ping pong table, games and audio-visual equipment. Reid Pit also houses the Leadership Certificate Program, the chaplain's office and student media offices including the literary magazine, yearbook, newspaper and radio station. Reid is the only residence hall on campus that does not have an elevator.

Patteson House

Patteson House is an upper-class facility located away from the traditional residence halls. It has individual
bedrooms, hardwood floors and a kitchen. There is a washer and dryer and multiple shared bathrooms.

Green Village

Green Village contains 5 buildings of 3 units each, housing 60 students. Hardwood floors, a washer and dryer in each unit, and fully furnished living, dining, and bedrooms make this a popular option for students. Each unit has rooms for 4 individual students and 2 full bathrooms. The complex is the newest residential option on campus and is located away from the traditional residence halls, near the Art Barn. 

Turning Point Student Housing

House Five, located on Faculty Row, is an option for adult students over the age of 23 (Turning Point). The house features 8 individual rooms, a large kitchen and community bathrooms. A meal plan is not included in the board fee for this facility, but students are able to use the large kitchen to prepare and enjoy meals. This option is most appropriate for single students without children. 

Other Housing Options

There are a variety of apartments off campus that are appropriate for married students or adult students with children. Contact Kerri Bond, director of residence life, to discuss options: (434) 381-6346