Special Accommodations

Students who have a medical or psychological disability, which may require a particular type of housing, can request a special housing accommodations space. As defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, a disability is “a physical or mental impairment, which substantially limits one or more major life activities.”

Any requests for special accommodations for the upcoming academic year must be submitted to Health and
Counseling Services. If you currently have a special accommodations space and wish to have one next year, you
MUST reapply as outlined.

Such requests would be for a period of time determined by health and counseling services. Reasonable attempts on
the part of residence life and health and counseling services will be made to meet the documented need; specific
requests cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to mid-year review. Requests submitted during the academic year will be considered, but are dependent upon space availability.

Residence life will attempt to have available a limited number of spaces for short-term, intermediate care. Access
to these spaces will be given if a new medical or psychological condition presents itself during the year. Assignment
to such a space will be temporary; with the time frame to be pre-determined by health and counseling services and
residence life, and only if space is available.

For further clarification, special accommodations do not necessarily equate to a single space. For example, for
mobility purposes, a student may simply need to live on a first floor or in a building with an elevator, which does
not necessarily mandate a single space. Or, a student may need to live in a smoke-free space, which again does not
necessarily dictate a single space. If the student's condition warrants a single space and is verified by health and
counseling services, then residence life will work to meet that accommodation request.

An application for special accommodations must be submitted. This form is available online or in Health Center and needs to be supported by documentation from a physician. All applications will be reviewed by the Health Services Committee.

The student must also execute a medical release form, which relates to the reason for requesting a special
accommodation. Health and counseling services will provide this form. Questions regarding this information can
be directed to health and counseling services at (434) 381-6140.

Residence Life Special Accommodations Process:

Step 1: Review and complete the Residence Life Special Accommodations Application, which can be obtained from the Health Center or online. It needs to be returned by the defined deadline date. A medical release form must be signed with the Health Center.

Step 2: Submit documentation as outlined on the application by the defined deadline date.

Step 3: The Special Accommodations Review Committee will meet to discuss all applications.

Step 4: Notification will be made via email about the outcome of the application. If approved, the student will work with the appropriate College administrator as indicated in the approval letter. If the application is denied, it can be appealed in writing to the Dean of Student Life. 

Please be advised that approval of an application does not necessarily guarantee the type of housing
requested and is only applicable for the academic year in which it was submitted. Students must
resubmit a new application and updated medical documentation each year that a request is made.

The interim Section 504 Officer for the College is Nicole Whitehead, Director of Human Resources and Community Engagement. She can be reached at [email protected]. In this role, she oversees compliance with federal law. She is available to all students as a resource and advocate during the accomodation application process. 


Please note for 2017-2018 Academic Year:

  • This application and accompanying documentation is due at noon on March 15, 2017, for returning students or June 1, 2017, for new students.
  • Applications received after the deadline will only be considered if there is new or updated information from a medical professional. 
  • For students with newly diagnosed disabilities or acute situations, the request should be submitted as soon as it is determined that a request for an accommodation is needed. 

Completed applications should be submitted by mail, in person, or via facsimile to:

Harley Health and Wellness Center
PO Box 1061
Sweet Briar, VA 24595
Fax: 434-381-6375, Attn: Office Manager