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SOCI 100  Introduction to Sociology: The Sociological Perspective

 SOCI 110  Introduction to Sociology: Social Research

SOCI 200 Medical Sociology

SOCI 210 Culture, Society, and the Automobile

SOCI 220 Community

SOCI 223 Sociology of Food

SOCI 230 Population

SOCI 240 Modern Social Movements

SOCI 250 Social Welfare

SOCI 260 Sociology of Religion

SOCI 261 Directed Study

SOCI 300 Social Psychiatry

SOCI 310 The Sociology of Crime and Delinquency

SOCI 314 Sociology of Immigration

SOCI 320 Social Organization: Work, Family, and Education

SOCI 330 Social Stratification

SOCI 350 Urban Sociology

SOCI 360 Minorities and Race Relations

SOCI 361 Special Study

SOCI 370 Environmental Sociology

SOCI 377 Internship

SOCI 450 Theories of Society

SOCI 451 Research Methods

SOCI 452 Senior Seminar

SOCI 461 Independent Study

SOCI 470 Junior Honors Research

SOCI 472 Senior Honors Thesis