Examples of the kind of work our some of our recent graduates are doing:

  • International education research
  • Youth counseling
  • Market research
  • Social work
  • Advertising

Examples of graduate programs some of our recent majors are enrolled in:

  • Sociology, University of Georgia
  • Public Policy, George Mason University
  • Public Policy, Vanderbilt University
  • Social Work, University of Denver
  • Law School, William and Mary

"I was accepted into all three programs and offered a research assistantship at George Mason University.  I couldn’t have done any of it without...the knowledge I gained from your classes.  You played a huge part in helping me find my passion and I cannot thank you enough for that!"

Jessica Hopson


"Your environmental sociology course… has contributed to the path that I am currently on because it showed me that change is possible and necessary…. Your class was eye opening and your guidance outside of the classroom meant a lot." 

 Lucy Hankinson
Environmental Studies and History