Tap Clubs

Tap clubs are Sweet Briar's answer to sororities. They are selective groups of students that have some sort of common interest. Each club has its own protocol regarding selection; it seeks different characteristics and chooses members in its own way.

Sweet Briar has 11 unique tap clubs. ICC recently decided that the twelfth tap club (BAM's future rival) would be the final tap club until the school's population grew significantly enough to warrant another set of tap clubs.

Students can become members of these tap clubs through various processes including election, application and sometimes audition. Tapping is typically a boisterous and exciting event (when it is not secretive) during which the tap club's song can be heard throughout campus. Members are given hats which are in the club's colors and are typically decorated and adorned with a symbol by current members.

Students can be members of more than one tap club, althrough there are restrictions as to which clubs you can be in. For example, usually students are not in both rival tap clubs, and you can only belong to one of the "core four" tap clubs: the Bum Chums, the QVs, the Chung Mungs and Tau Phi.