Photo by Susan Saandholland

The Studio Art Department is committed to developing visually literate students within the context of the liberal arts format. The studio art student has the opportunity to master a wide range of classic and experimental techniques by creating visual expressions of ideas drawn from her own experiences and enriched by the broad spectrum of knowledge available to her in the liberal arts program.

Students interested in the studio art major (especially those wishing to study abroad in their junior year) are encouraged to take foundation courses (ARTS 101, ARTS 110 or ARTS 115, ARTH 115 and ARTH 116) in their first year and to seek an advising appointment with a studio art faculty member. The Studio Art Department also offers the arts management program.

Students who seek advanced placement in studio art must submit a portfolio of slides or actual work for review by the studio instructors. Although students may be exempted from the foundation courses (ARTS 101, ARTS 110 and ARTS 115), college credit is not often granted for work done in high school. Instead of taking foundation courses, students will be expected to take other studio art courses.